Woman on Top of Rock

As Sting reminded us in the 1980’s, we are spirits in a material world. Lots of us agree with this and many of us desire the awareness of our spiritside right up in our consciousness. We want to feel more whole, more harmonious, live a life with greater purpose, maybe even get enlightened.

We must start somewhere and the body is the root of our existence here. It is the most flagrant manifestation of us. Our other bodies, like the emotional body and the mind are subtler, and I hope it feels like common sense, or you intuitively know that we must attend to the physical body first, because without it, we can not experience life.

This is the reason we concentrate on our diet and nutrition. It’s important to maintain a diet which will help you take care of the body and heighten your basic senses.

Our own organic, plant-based diet is very clean and nutrient dense. It acknowledges the part body intelligence plays in our lives and teaches us to use food as medicine. It will help you get of the head and the emotions and back into your first body with a new power, verve and vibrancy.

Growing up I was never very inhibited, so I certainly felt no embarrassment when I announced as a naïve young adult that I wanted to “know God”. But working with people over the years that followed I came to realise that many do feel embarrassed of their inner desire to get closer to their spiritual nature, especially men.

I rather like this quirky little human trait, it’s cute. It keeps true spirituality fairly hidden. There is no need to shout your inner desires from the rooftop, that’s going about it in the wrong way. “Seek and ye shall find”, to quote JC.

Seek where though? I don’t think Jesus’s pearl of wisdom required money for travel or good stout shoes and a backpack. I hope it’s obvious that he meant seek inwardly to find what you are looking for.

So what’s inwardly? How do we do that?

This is where it has gotten tricky. We know meditation is important but what is it and how do we do it? How do we get there… or here!

Baba Jiddhu Krishnamurti said, “you only need meditation because you can not sit quietly”.

That is crystal clear. Sitting quietly, completely quietly is meditation. Everything else is practise.

Can you do it? There is an awful lot of meditation cushions in meditation centres across the world. There is a lot of people trying not to try.

Achieving or attaining meditation, like spiritual “growth” is a misnomer. Awareness of your own higher states happens following enough preparation and attention, in the form of realisations. Whenever we realise something, it was already there, yes? We just hadn’t seen it yet.

So we understand the enlightened ones when they tell us that enlightenment is a destructive process. We are all already enlightened, but we haven’t realised it yet. Rather than learn something new, we need to unlearn what we thought was the truth and make way for some realisations, should we be fortunate enough.

Our existence is always deeper than we think. As the masterful Osho said, “There are always skies behind, unexplored” and this is a humbling truth in my experience. Unfortunately, we can not just shake our heads or will ourselves to realise our higher states, preparation and attention is necessary.

We have to start with the body. A healthy diet and relationship with our own body helps us forge solid foundations, strong roots that are perfectly suitable to accompany us on our journey or process of creating a harmonious life for ourselves.