The ABC of detoxifying yourself

So... you're toxic... welcome to the world!

Even before we take our first gulp of polluted air we already have toxic substances in our bodies. We could be forgiven for assuming that we lose our purity as soon as we are born, but the truth is Momma was already passing toxicants to us during pregnancy.

Substances toxic to the human body are everywhere. In the air, the water, our food and of course, in our bodies. Strong immune defences may be able to cope with a natural quantity of harmful pollutants but we now live in an unnaturally heightened toxic environment, with an impure water supply and a food supply cultivated for profit rather than health.

Gone are the days when eating healthily was enough to ensure wellness. Now, the trick is to eat a diet that is not only clean and nourishing (thus producing less waste metabolites) but also keeps you in a constant state of mild detoxification.

The trick to detoxifying the body is to Always Be Cleaning.

The good news is, following the Wellness Warriors diet combined with exercise and good hydration, will put you in a mild and constant state of detoxification. It includes all of the best naturally detoxifying plants;

Onions, leeks, garlic, ginger, lemon, spinach, chard, kale, watercress, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard cress, radish, turnips, beetroot, avocado, tomato, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, turmeric, chlorella and hemp.

We also include powerful antioxidants such as green tea, matcha, bilberry and camu camu. Vitamins A, C and E and psyllium husks. Adaptogens including maca, Siberian ginseng and ashwaganda, and minerals; calcium, magnesium and selenium.