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What are superfoods and adaptogens?

While there is no official food group called “superfoods”, the term is generally used to set certain nutrient-dense or nutritiously specific foods apart from the rest. Adaptogenic foods have the capacity to normalize body functions and strengthen systems compromised by stress. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that adjusts and adapts our internal conditions in […]

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The body is the root

As Sting reminded us in the 1980’s, we are spirits in a material world. Lots of us agree with this and many of us desire the awareness of our spiritside right up in our consciousness. We want to feel more whole, more harmonious, live a life with greater purpose, maybe even get enlightened. We must […]


Eat my shit!?

Ready to go 100% organic?

If health and wellness is your concern, your first and only question should be…

And the answer is a resounding yes, you can, very much so, evidently.