The Nature of Me Musical Audio Ebook

The Nature of Me is part of a progressive genre of children’s books based around the child’s core well being using the natural world as the guide.


Nature is available to every single child on the planet. By imbibing the messages through the poems they are able to gain self confidence, natural nourishment and love of themselves and their environment. It prepares them for a caring life and is an essential tool for every child.



If life was easy then you would not need this book.


We have unearthed the myths, the facts, the ancient wisdom and the simple truths that can guide you to a life of energy, sustained growth and balanced wellness.


We see this handbook as an indispensable reference point, the bible for living life to the full, with absolute tips and advice, inspirational dietary guidance and the wisdom for you to simply live well.


As Warriors we want to engage and educate, inspire and make Wellness easy. Knowledge is power. This book is the ultimate tool. A gift for all of humankind.