If life was easy then you would not need this book.


We have unearthed the myths, the facts, the ancient wisdom and the simple truths that can guide you to a life of energy, sustained growth and balanced wellness.


We see this handbook as an indispensable reference point, the bible for living life to the full, with absolute tips and advice, inspirational dietary guidance and the wisdom for you to simply live well.


As Warriors we want to engage and educate, inspire and make Wellness easy. Knowledge is power. This book is the ultimate tool. A gift for all of humankind.


Meet The Author

About Wellness Warriors Book

Wellness Warriors is a book for life designed to help you achieve and maintain good health through your diet in a toxic world. Founded on the philosophy of using food as the primary medicine, Wellness Warriors recognises and supports the body’s intelligence through superior nutrition and the elimination of toxic substances.

WW book includes;

  • Time-saving techniques for a busy lifestyle
  • Conscious food preparation techniques
  • A life-enhancing diet that will keep you both healthy and enthusiastic about eating
  • Experiential and evidence-based natural health guidance and plant-based nutritional advice
  • 16 powerful and effective fruit-mono fasts
  • 34 original plant-based recipes (free from gluten, dairy and all refined sugars)

What you will learn;

  1. How to use food as medicine
  2. How to vanquish diet-related illness and disease
  3. The key to detoxifying your body successfully
  4. The process of fasting safely & effectively
  5. How to strengthen your immune response
  6. How to include superfoods & adaptogens in your diet
  7. How to avoid toxic accumulation & damage
  8. How to prepare plant-based meals using the recipes in the Cook & Create section
  9. How to make your own food creations using the formulas shared so you can get ‘off recipe’ quickly

The aim of Wellness Warriors is to encourage you to think of your food as preventative medicine and to learn how you can assist your body’s innate intelligence to keep yourself healthy, strong, confident, loving and empowered so you can unwrap your potential and fulfil your own demands in a world that is begging for input from your heart, your higher power.


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