The Nature of Me Musical Audio Ebook

The Nature of Me is part of a progressive genre of children’s books based around the child’s core well being using the natural world as the guide.


Nature is available to every single child on the planet. By imbibing the messages through the poems they are able to gain self confidence, natural nourishment and love of themselves and their environment. It prepares them for a caring life and is an essential tool for every child.

Meet The Author

The Nature of Me is a collection of positive and enchanting story poems for children of all ages


Jaany writes to strengthen each childs sense of belonging by embracing
and guiding them lightly towards their own true nature


Moon Smile – A night-time journey around a moonlit sky helps children integrate the magnitude of their surroundings and allay fear of the dark by removing separation, while keeping the mystery.

Sun Sparkle – Tip-toeing over the colossal power and beauty of our sun while delicately aligning the child’s perception of themselves with its magnificence.

The Nature Of Me – Assists your child to awaken and establish their senses, and expand their concept of themselves by encouraging their curiosity.

The Earth is my Friend – This imagination builder diverts a childs tendency to isolate by conjuring nature internally, unifying child and surroundings.

Elements – By aligning the child with the elemental root of their constitution, this walk in the woods leaves a deep imprint of self-respect and regard for nature.

In my garden – Relax your child ready for bed by connecting them with the simplicity of the nature that surrounds them.

The Ancient Tree – Highlighting the mysterious symbiosis between humans and trees, animating connectedness and introducing the concept of sanctuary.

My Heart is a Flower – Lighting up the delicate power of the heart familiarises the young with the joys of giving and receiving


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