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How To Recognise A Spiritual Ego

Nice people often want to help others and spiritual people are no different, but as we begin to seek our own enlightenment, we find out very quickly from those that have gone before us, that we can not and must not try to “help” others spiritually, until we have attained to our own enlightenment lest […]

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Awareness – The key to coping with your mind

One of the results of the global shift in consciousness we are going through is that many of us are now aware of our thoughts.

The human brain is hardware for the mind. It provides us with the ability to use the mind in all it’s variety of forms. It is a phenomenal wonder but it has little animation of its own. When we die, the brain dies too, in just a short while. Just as with our other organs, the brain can not function without the rest of the body.

Our Great Mother, What Does She Require Of Us

Our great mother, what does she require of us?

Our situation is somewhat bizarre. We are all ectoparasites, living on the surface of an itinerant pioneer, careering through uncharted space at breakneck speeds, spinning and turning as we go. We are not aware of any destination or goal, we can not affect our path and today, we are located in a totally different space to yesterday and we will never return.

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Food as medicine

Even before you gather the knowledge to use your food as medicine, there are three fundamental and overlooked wellness truths to consider and acknowledge first.

Are you feeding the Bogeyman?

Are you feeding the Bogeyman?

I normally write my blogs first thing in the morning at 6am, fresh with the new day but tonight I have stayed up into the wee hours purposefully, to write to you about a very dark and scary subject…


How to stay sane in an insane world

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Is there anybody out there that does not think the human world is insane? Mental illness seems to be the new norm. There is no madness in the trees or the birds and the bees. Just us humans – and we are cuckoo!

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What are superfoods and adaptogens?

While there is no official food group called “superfoods”, the term is generally used to set certain nutrient-dense or nutritiously specific foods apart from the rest. Adaptogenic foods have the capacity to normalize body functions and strengthen systems compromised by stress. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that adjusts and adapts our internal conditions in […]

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Do you want change? Or, do you want to change?

When you look outward into the world and you see the crowds and how they are, you see the news and what we do, you watch your own family and see the state they are in. Are you impressed or embarrassed? Do you think we are doing a good job overall or do you feel […]

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The body is the root

As Sting reminded us in the 1980’s, we are spirits in a material world. Lots of us agree with this and many of us desire the awareness of our spiritside right up in our consciousness. We want to feel more whole, more harmonious, live a life with greater purpose, maybe even get enlightened. We must […]

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