It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Is there anybody out there that does not think the human world is insane? Mental illness seems to be the new norm. There is no madness in the trees or the birds and the bees. Just us humans – and we are cuckoo!

Our food causes illness

Our medicines cause death

We poison our own air and water

We kill the trees

Our governments create war

…and we think carbon dioxide is our enemy!

We are the most violent, cunning and self-serving animal on the planet, by far. We seem to be the only species that have misconceived an ego, a fake self, and we use this (or this uses us) as the primary performer in our lives. We are so clever, we are stupid, so creative we destroy, so able, we limit. As extreme as we lean one way, we seem to lean the other.

We are now in a living situation globally, where the anger, fear, despair, helplessness and frustration that the average human earth inhabitant feels on a daily basis is reaching a critical point.

We are starting to understand that what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

At the deepest level we are one. Not just with each other but with everything. In our “spirit” and beyond that, nothingness – there is no separation, no division. When we act or condone actions that result in harm to others, we are cutting our own spiritual arm off to spite our holy face! We are shooting ourselves in the ethereal foot – and we are just beginning to realise it.

When the men and women that make the important decisions that effect the lives of others choose political or financial implications or corporate health over human and environmental health, it creates a certain energy around it.

Devastating decisions are made consciously on behalf of governments, corporations and organisations around the world daily. The individuals involved can only justify their involvement to themselves by keeping it impersonal. The fake “bodies” or corporations that are created to put in between both the decision makers and their staff and the effects of their actions, allow otherwise unbearable circumstances around the world to be both created and perpetuated.

We have all seen how the psyche of even the strongest, cracks under extreme conditions. If corporate or governmental decision makers had to experience the results of some of their decisions, they would never have made them in the first place.

The people that are “in the know”, their staff and families, the people it affects and their communities and the surrounding press and media, all feed the corrupt vibration with their involvement, which creates an undercurrent of dark energy around every harmful situation or project. Each time it is further attended to; at meetings, in reports, in photos, footage, and in the bank balance, the dark energy is fed by new energy that the humans involved emanate as they input their attention, and thus it is maintained.

All of this energy doesn’t just dissipate into nothing without cost or consequence. It’s an energy – full of waves. It causes an effect, beyond equal and opposite. We feel it, we just can’t measure it – so we ignore it mostly. But this does not mean it is not still happening and having a subtle effect on our magnetic souls in the unseen, the aether, the electromagnetic field, where time and distance comes into question.

And it’s not just corpobots that flavour and perpetuate dark energy with nefarious actions, most of us do it everyday, in our own houses, but it’s usually unconscious. Do you think the sweatshop workers enjoy making your t-shirts? Or residents of DRC or Rwanda gladly suffer the conflict to mine the coltan for your cell phone? Do you think the trees should be cut down to grow burger meat?

We are nuts, no question, as a species. Stark raving bonkers in fact. Lunatics, fruitcakes and crackpots because we have been ignorant and we are living in the aftermath. The good news is that fewer and fewer people are still ignorant now because we no longer suffer a lack of knowledge.

We are opening our eyes collectively and starting to leave behind old paradigms. We have almost left the age of ignorance, we are fully in the age of knowledge and the pioneers are already entering the age of care.

But there is a danger that too much knowledge will drive us mad along the way. Futile information is now constantly being created by mediocre minds diluting knowledge for their own gain. The weak-minded are no longer ignorant, they are knowlegable. Don’t get too distracted by tosh, your home is within. Encourage the change with care.