Vegetable stand at a marketplace. The Mercat de la Concepcio, market in Barcelona, Spain.

Even before you gather the knowledge to use your food as medicine, there are three fundamental and overlooked wellness truths to consider and acknowledge first.

Food Is Medicine

Our food is medicine. It always has been and always will be. Inside the body, each one of us uses substances extracted from our food for medicinal purposes, all of the time, whether we realise or not.

At a cellular level our bodies are programmed to use the food and drink we have ingested to keep us healthy. If it fails and we get ill, it’s most likely because of what we have (or haven’t) eaten. Our bodies are constantly fighting, treating and preventing illness, disease and health problems, even while we are asleep.

We get to see this clearly when we cut our skin. Initially we bleed, until the blood coagulates and we form a scab over the wound. Then for a few days we “heal” beneath the scab until finally, we shed the hard, protective crust… et voila! We reveal the new fix and we are back to normal.

This all happens without any conscious input from us. No instructions required. All we have to do is to continue to put food and drink into the hole at the top of our body and our internal world looks after the rest.

If we can acknowledge this inherent tendency that the body has to heal, as long as we feed it, we can much more easily recognise that food is already our primary medicine, all of the time, from birth to death.

Body Intelligence

Our tendency to heal is an intrinsic and universal body intelligence. According to the latest estimates, each one of us is made up of around 40 billion cells, around six times more than the human population of the entire planet earth.

Internally, we have thousands upon thousands of densely populated “cellular cities”, all full of individual residents with different jobs, all working hard to obtain the necessary resources to fulfil their purpose or potential.

Almost all the resources we use come from our food but how much we truly know about about how, why, when and in what combination the myriad of internal processes occur, is limited.

How the body manages, turning food and drink into itself repeatedly, is miraculous to say the least, but it doesn’t even begin to compare with the enormity of the fact that it all happens anyway. Our body’s do it of their own volition, all the time – with or without our knowledge or consent.

Body intelligence is generally overlooked because we can’t see it. When we begin to realise the potential of our concealed teammate, we can assist by making even healthier food choices.

Preventative Medicine

Generally, we think of medicine as something we take when we are ill. Whether we choose herbs or tinctures, therapies, pharmaceuticals or homeopathic preparations, they are all administered after the fact. While these can be important if we do get ill, rarely do we even consider preventative medicine, which is administered before the “fact” even comes into existence.

“A pinch of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”

Many of us already implement preventative measures into our daily lives regularly; physical exercise, yoga, meditation, dietary supplementation are all good examples of preventative medicine.

If we can also acknowledge that internally, our body intelligence is constantly using the food we eat to prevent health problems, it’s easier to extend our understanding of preventative medicine to include our diet. This puts us in a much more empowering position to supervise the overall condition of our own health.

Then we are adding consciousness into our wellness equation – this is what we mean by using food as medicine.