Creating positive ripples

Children - The Vision Of The Future

‘Children are seeds of the earth, with love and care they can flower

We need more flowers on our earth to create beauty and fragrance

If we wish for a better world then we can help them to blossom’

'A child is as delicate as a flower, take care of her'

Our children have not long come from the Divine

Their innocence shines through and they have the ability to see things as they really are – they are in touch with their senses, are aware of what they like and dislike, yet somehow most of us insist that we know what is best for them.

On some level this is true but on a deeper level, which is often overlooked, our young ones disconnect themselves, from their true selves in order to fit in, be accepted and get on in today’s world. This is entirely detrimental to their well being and therefore the future well being of our planet.

Children require confidence of who they are. Self knowledge. Acceptance of their individuality and encouragement to be themselves.

Their nature needs to be encouraged, their moods and emotions accepted and opinions and ideas need to be explored.

They need a foundation, a structure – with awareness of their own inner centre. If we guide our children with the right intentions, motivations and with awareness and openness, this is possible.

As they are encouraged to embrace life, children enjoy with an open mind and heart and send a positive ripple effect to everyone around them. This priceless ripple helps to create the kind of humanity that will be fruitful for future generations.

Children are the future, we can help them learn and learn from them too.
Let them know life can be trusted. Let them stay open and loving.
Let them keep being filled with wonder.
They are our seeds – let us nourish them in the best way we can.