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Protein Anxiety Stress Syndrome (PASS) is a temporary panic-like state usually experienced by heavy meat eaters when facing a vegan menu.

Firtstly, let’s make it perfectly clear that all proteins come from plants. I’ll say that again… all proteins come from plants. So if you’re currently eating animal protein and worried that adopting a vegan diet may leave you deficient in protein, don’t be. All the protein you obtain from meat originates in the plants that the animals eat anyway. It’s just healthier to leave the animal alone and eat your own plants!

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are some essential amino acids that we can not synthesize within the body and must obtain from our diet. Hemp, quinoa and buckwheat are all considered “complete” protein sources because they contain all amino acids, including the ones we need most and they have a higher biological value than meat and fish.

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Regarding exactly how much protein you should be eating daily, I’m not surprised to tell you – FORGET ABOUT IT! Go to the root and you will find that the very methods we use to measure the protein quantities in food are not accurate at all – so at best, your protein intake figure will only ever be an educated estimate.

Most food contains protein, it is always readily available in a balanced diet. We didn’t concern ourselves with protein intake for most of the first two millennia, and it is not necessary to start now. If anything, you should focus more on the overall quality of the food you are eating and this will ensure you get plenty of A-grade quality aminos for your body to synthesize at will.

Joke: What is the difference between the protein in processed food and the protein in fresh fruit and vegetables? About £40k a year!

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