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We are pioneers of a diet and lifestyle influenced by the best of both the Eastern and Western cultures based on taking care of life, beginning with our own.

What bought us to natural wellness



“In the 1990s, my beloved partner died of breast cancer when she was 29. I really wanted to help save her but I didn’t know how. I learnt that before I could help anyone else, I had to help myself, and so I spent the next eight years doing that.”

Since then, Kashi’s commitment to the health of the human family has been unwaivering. He has been helping individuals with their diet and lifestyle for almost 20 years and Wellness Warriors and Master Blend is a result of that devotion.

Wellness Warriors applies to everyone and is meant for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and achieve or maintain wellness and balance. It’s also for those that feel the need to re-establish the connection with their natural self.



Jaany is a intuit who has diverse life experience. She has been in the alternative health field for over fifteen years and is an expert in natural wellness and living. Her own healing journey has enabled her to gain invaluable experience in multiple areas of wellness including using food as medicine, mono fasting, detoxification, massage and meditation. An expert in the process of detoxification, she has undertaken mono fasts ranging from 3 days up to 14 days and is currently exploring the invigorating world of raw food.

During her process of intense cleansing and healing Jaany had the rare opportunity to recapture her creative writing gift which was inspired by a profound connection with the natural world and great spirit. This opening lead her to express her insights and intuitions into writing. Eternity’s Story was born as the result of this time.

Jaany advocates the well being of children by helping them to realise the power of nature, giving them a solid foundation within themselves so they can grow into clear, balanced adults amidst this challenging world.

The Nature of Me’ is Jaany’s very first children’s book, a sweet enchanting collection of story poems for children of ages. It was inspired by her own childhood and is an essential tool for all children.

Her work is based on the insights and experience of the Intrinsic connect between all of nature.



“Antibiotics damaged my gut biome and I had a severe candida overgrowth – at 15 years old. Five different doctors had not been able to diagnose my problem correctly and I was so drugged up on pharmaceuticals that I couldn’t think straight or feel very much at all. It took a natural view to see what was going on inside my body and a very rare and unusual dietary protocol to combat the problem. It is through the Wellness Warriors diet that I have been able to balance and maintain my health for the last seven years.”

With the support of a loving family, Chloe completely regained her health and is now happily heading into her mid-20s, all the wiser for her experiences. Her love of natural health is the driving force behind sharing Wellness Warriors globally and should you need any help when you’re using any of our products, please get in touch with Chloe directly



“My nerves were exhausted, I struggled with GERD and allergies and I was getting pretty disillusioned with life when I intuitively attended a Food As Medicine course, facilitated by Kashi where I quickly deduced that I was gluten intolerant. I adopted the Wellness Warriors diet and within a short space of time I started to regain my strength and focus, the reflux stopped and I felt grounded for the first time since I was young.”

Having thrived as a Wellness Warrior since 2015, Liv’s health is excellent and she is an ambassador for both the Wellness Warriors and Master Blend.