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If life was easy then you would not need this book.   We have unearthed the myths, the facts, the ancient wisdom and the simple truths that can guide you to a life of energy, sustained growth and balanced wellness.   We see this handbook as an indispensable reference point, the bible for living life to the full, with absolute tips and advice, inspirational dietary guidance and the wisdom for you to simply live well.   As Warriors we want to engage and educate, inspire and make Wellness easy. Knowledge is power. This book is the ultimate tool. A gift for all of humankind.


100 percent vegan
gluten free
sugar free
Lactose free

The Nature of Me Musical Audio Ebook

The Nature of Me is part of a progressive genre of children's books based around the child's core well being using the natural world as the guide.   Nature is available to every single child on the planet. By imbibing the messages through the poems they are able to gain self confidence, natural nourishment and love of themselves and their environment. It prepares them for a caring life and is an essential tool for every child.


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How To Recognise A Spiritual Ego

Nice people often want to help others and spiritual people are no different, but as we begin to seek our own enlightenment, we find out very quickly from those that have gone before us, that we can not and must not try to “help” others spiritually, until we have attained to our own enlightenment lest […]

Awareness – The key to coping with your mind

One of the results of the global shift in consciousness we are going through is that many of us are now aware of our thoughts.

The human brain is hardware for the mind. It provides us with the ability to use the mind in all it’s variety of forms. It is a phenomenal wonder but it has little animation of its own. When we die, the brain dies too, in just a short while. Just as with our other organs, the brain can not function without the rest of the body.


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